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sea fishing introduction

Posted by paul lyall on

Sea angling

Patience it is often claimed is vital prerequisite for the successful sea angler and yet many of the best sea anglers are very impatient indeed. They strive relentlessly to outwit the fish, leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to catch, and never fish at half pace or in a lazy expectancy of the fish eventually doing something stupid. Weather you want to catch your dinner, simply relax on the beach, or break a record, sea angling can accommodate you. Its continual learning curve is spiced with memorable experiences, some superb seascapes, plenty of fresh air and excitement provided by the natural instinct to hunt. There is a niche for all. Boat or shore big fish or small, a patchwork of exciting choices, including some complex puzzles, stretches before you which you undertake at your own pace........

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