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sea fishing introduction

Sea angling

Patience it is often claimed is vital prerequisite for the successful sea angler and yet many of the best sea anglers are very impatient indeed. They strive relentlessly to outwit the fish, leaving no stone unturned in their efforts to catch, and never fish at half pace or in a lazy expectancy of the fish eventually doing something stupid.Weather you want to catch your dinner, simply relax on the beach, or break a record, sea angling can accommodate you. Its continual learning curve is spiced with memorable experiences, some superb seascapes, plenty of fresh air and excitement provided by the natural instinct to hunt. There is a niche for all. Boat or shore big fish or small, a patchwork of exciting choices, including some complex puzzles, stretches before you which you undertake at your own pace.
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Sea anglers are a particular breed; after all they compete in a harsh environment, not only against nature and a living quarry, but also in competition with commercial sea the fish are completely wild for there are no stocked fish, as can be the case in some lakes and rivers. This does have its disadvantages, not least because stocks can be greatly affected by weather, nature’s whims and commercial fishing pressure. Success is, therefore never guaranteed; after all the sea is a huge environment and often there may be few fish where you choose to cast your line.
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Throughout the world, angling is most popular participant sport.In this introduction perhaps we can dispel sea anglings crusty image, helping both the novice and more experienced rod to improve their success rate and to and to stimulate those who would otherwise do no more than to cast a line and wait for a response from a fish.
Sea angling success and therefore much of the enjoyment is particularly responsive to the application of imagination and effort and it’s no coincidence that it is confident anglers who often the most successful .when you have done your best, you expect the results to be good.
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The challenge of sea angling


There are a number of misconceptions about sea angling, none more so than its heavy tackle and luck more than judgement image. While this might be true of some anglers, it’s certainly not true of all.
There is, of course, a particular reason why sea angling tackle needs to be on the heavy side compared to freshwater fishing and that is because of the nature of the sea itself. Strong tides, high winds, large waves and rugged seabed of rocks and weed are a fact of life for the sea angler and tackle must be strong enough to cope with such an environment .an important is this respect is the safety aspect of casting in excess of five ounces of lead which If it were to break off the line, could cause considerable damage to persons or property.
The diverse range of fish species in the sea and their different sizes also affects the choice of tackle and its strength; light tackle can be employed in many situations for float or lure fishing, especially in sheltered locations. In the main whether fishing in a boat or from the shore, prevailing conditions and species sought dictate minimum line strength ,sinker or lure weight and hook size , which when balanced with suitable rod and reel, determine the most practical setup.
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The human ingredient

Before we get to the basics of tackle and techniques a word about sea anglers .they are generally a gregarious group covering a cross section of the population .most are only too willing to help other anglers with problems. This website makes every effort to include as much information as possible, but it is inevitable that unseen problems will arise. We all learn something new about angling every day and no one knows it not hesitate to ask another angler if you are unsure of tactics or need advice because this will save you time. The alternative is to simply learn by your mistakes.
It’s an excellent idea for the novice to join an angling club where they can watch, listen and copy other anglers with the social side of angling, often a time when new ideas and secret tactics are divulged.