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5pcs Yoga Foam Roller Ball Set Pilates Block Gym Sports

  • £2499
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  •  foam rollers can also be used in yoga. Additionally, physical therapy and massage therapy are two other areas where these foam rollers can be put to use.
  • This gives you the confidence that with each purchase, you have a product package that will serve multiple purposes.
  • Lightweight - The foam rollers are lightweight and can easily be packed along in bag if you are going for a journey.
  • This allows you to continue your therapy, even if you are away from home.
  • ❤ Reduce muscle and joint pain.
    ❤ Prevent injury and muscle pulling.
    ❤ It is very suitable for use before and after exercise.
    ❤ Use regularly to reduce the recovery time of muscle pain and injury.
    ❤ Improve muscle strength, physical activity and flexibility.

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