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Burger press for perfect burger patties, standard or stuffed burger press

  • £1299
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  • Ideal for making consistently sized and shaped home made meat, fish or vegetable burgers,
  • 3 in 1 press makes standard burgers or stuffed burgers with attachment 

  • Has been designed with a non-stick coating for excellent food release and ease of cleaning.
  • Features a heavy duty textured press and base to create mouth watering home made burgers. 
  • What's better than a big juicy hamburger? How about a big juicy hamburger stuffed with cheese , or tomato sauce , or some of your secret ingredients?

  • We're not talking about adding a slice or two on top ,or slopping a little something extra on the bun.

  • We are talking about actually injecting your delicious patty of beef withanything that pleases your palate.

  • With this handy gadget , it's all so simple.
  • Just press your patty, add your favourite ingredients, top it off with more meat and press again. 
  • Of course , if your tastes run more simple and you want to just go with a regular burger or slider (by using the convenient slider insert),this little gadget is great for that , too.


    • Step 1: Compress burger meat into the mold to form a base. 
    • Step 2: Remove outer part of the press Handle,press again to form a cavity. 
    • Step 3: Add your favourite fillings.
    • Step 4: Add additional meat to cover fillings.Return outer part of the press handle, 
    • press again making sure your fillings are sealed inside the Patty. 
    • Step 5: Remove your patty using the detachable mold base.
    • Creating Sliders is Easy Using the Included Slider Mold with Removable Base
    • Step 1: Add your choice of meat to the slider mold. 
    • Step 2: Press the meat with the press handle. 
    • Step 3: Remove your slider patty using the detachable mold base.Cook and enjoy!!!

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