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False Nails by Bling Art 360 Oval Medium Transparent Acrylic Fake Nail

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If you favour an eternally flattering oval nail, you’re in luck with this awesome transparent nail set. Flaunt long, luscious tips that are entirely of your own creation with these amazing base nails, and unleash your inner artisan to craft your dream design! Each of our oval sets contains 360 oval transparent salon style base nails, in a choice of 12 different sizes - offering you complete control and customisation over your look! 

Bling Art Oval Nails: If you love the pointed customisable look then this is the nail shape for you. This gorgeous false nail is perfect as it makes your fingers and hands look slimmer (elongated) creating a delightful, chic elegant look. 

Bling Art Long Length: These nails are slightly longer than our other nail shapes and will give you a classy designer look no other nail shape can compete with. This nail shape will help make your fingers appear thinner, giving them a slender look, without being a hindrance in your everyday life.

Our false nails last up to 5 days and are scratch resistant, we coat them with a top UV coating for added protection and shine. 

Buy with confidence: Our fake nails have been tested, they are internationally certified and are EU compliant, we use high-quality virgin ABS Acrylic to manufacture our fake nails. The glue supplied with each set is SDS tested and approved. 

don't imitate – differentiate.

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