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Kitchen Knife Set High Carbon German Stainless Steel 8pc

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This kitchen knife set includes every type of knife that you need to create a culinary masterpiece in your kitchen.

SUPERIOR SHARPNESS MEETS ERGONOMIC PRECISION - Each knife is forged from a single piece of high carbon, German stainless steel, resulting in a razor sharp pro quality blade that excels far beyond ceramic and cheap acrylic knives.

Balanced weight distribution and ergonomic handles minimize fatigue and maximize cutting precision

This knife block set would make a great gift and each knife is made to the highest standards

This 8 piece knife set handles most commonly used cutting and chopping requirements in any kitchen. With a meat cleaver, paring knife, chef knife, bread knife and utility knife at your disposal, you will be able to prepare ingredients quickly and easily. A matching pair of kitchen scissors helps with many tasks and a sharpening rod is available for keeping your edges sharp.

VLZ-KN-004 (4)VLZ-KN-004 (7)VLZ-KN-004 (5)VLZ-KN-004 (8)


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