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Milk Frothing Pitcher Barista Craft Latte Cappuccino Milk Cream Cup Frothing Jug Pitcher

  • £1099

Product Description

The Milk Frothing Pitcher give you the professional edge so you can enjoy perfectly steamed or frothed milk any time you want it.

Start your day with a heavenly macchiato. Treat the kids with creamy hot cocoa. Impress friends with fancy latte art. Or just elevate your everyday with a dreamy cappuccino on a rainy evening all in the comfort of home.

Why Choose our Milk Pitcher?  One of the hardest parts of creating cafe quality drinks at home is getting the foam or steamed milk just right.

Scalded milk and limp foam do not start your day off right.

Thankfully, this Milk Frothing Pitcher gives you a professional edge.

Best Function: This premium milk frothing pitcher quickly creates rich froth for all your favorites such as cappuccinos and lattes.

Our frothing mug is easy to create coffee drinks exactly the way you like them at the perfect temperature and with delicious foam.

Wonderful Holiday gift for family and friends.

Use it alongside your countertop espresso machine to indulge in your favorite drinks without paying premium prices,

Material: Stainless Steel Capacity: 12oz 350ml / 20oz 600ml Size: L80*W80*H95mm/L90*W90*H115mm Color:


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